Why Mobile Coupons On Trend?

Mobile Couponing – The Way of the Future

Smartphone adoption is continuing to rise, and more are people upgraded their mobile. These new smartphone owners have an extensive range of apps and features to choose from, offering everything from GPS capabilities to the option of making payments with a mobile wallet. As the standard transaction model branches out from the typical process of handing over cash or swiping a card at the register, couponing is evolving too.

Modern American society is growing increasingly hip and tech-savvy, which is a trend that businesses were adjusting to maximize their mobile consumer engagement opportunities.

A recent report from Gallup found that half of Americans identify with being either “super tech adopters” or “smartphone reliants.” The first categories of people are extremely likely to use new technology – 100 percent of them own smartphones.

Mobile couponing a good match for millennials
“Mobile commerce in general is just exploding,” John Pletz, technology blogger and senior reporter at Crain’s Chicago Business, told WTTW-TV – and mobile couponing is no exception. “You’ve got an entire generation coming along, that are willing to buy things on their phones.”

Pletz explained that while members of older generations might balk at the idea of using communication devices to make purchases, millennials are accustomed to relying on their phones when completing a large range of tasks, including using mobile payments to buy anything from groceries to airline tickets.

What Makes it Popular Compared to Traditional Couponing?






1: Mobile Coupons are convenient to clip, carry and use for consumers.
With the advent of services such as iOS’s Passbook, Mobile Coupons can be stored and carried everywhere at all times. You don’t have to think about which coupons you are bringing to store for redemption. Everything is in one place, a click or two away. Nor do you have to look for the coupons in and around your house, in the car, on the grocery receipt, or in the back of a box. Find your Smartphone and you have found all your mobile coupons.

2: Catch The Latest offers

Marketers unlock new insights through mobile coupons: who is interested in what kind of offers, and where and when do they clip and redeem them? Additionally, they combine simple mobile loyalty services with mobile coupons. They creates a mobile opt-in database—aka mobile “loyalty list”— from there they sending you the latest offers you can get from them.

3: Mobile Coupons are… Mobile.
Marketers can send targeted mobile coupons when a customer is near their store, inside their store, or even in and around a competitor’s store. By doing so, they earn customer’s loyalty while adding value for them. So you don’t need to go to the coupon box and sort coupons, deals that they offer for the day, they will simply send them to you when you are at their stores premises.



Mobile couponing – the way of the future

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