When Stores Will Not Take Your Coupons

Steps to Take to Turn a No Into a Yes

A common email I receive from readers is about stores not accepting their printed Internet coupons. This can be frustrating at checkout, especially if we would have chosen a cheaper brand without the coupon savings. We are then faced with going back through the shopping aisles or just take the easy route and paying full price for what is in the cart.

Why Do Stores Refuse to Accept Coupons?

The real problem with online printable coupons began in 2003 when stores unknowingly accepted counterfeit coupons. This resulted in huge losses. The only solution was to stop accepting all online coupons. Undoubtedly manufacturers and retailers realized the potential of Internet coupons and did not want to just walk away from the problem, but they needed time to fix it. As a result, the industry worked with reputable coupon sites to find global solutions.

Today’s coupons will often contain the following information:

  • A scannable bar code.
  • An expiration date.
  • Legitimate manufacturers address.
  • Standard termonology such as “one coupon per item, per customer” and no photocopies permitted.

Even though a coupon you have contains all the information, a store manager may still refuse to redeem it. This may happen because of confusion by local store employees about the corporate policy on redeeming online coupons.

There are steps to take in advance, to help avoid this from arising.

  • Use reputable online coupon services. These companies insure the coupons offered follow the necessary security guidelines.
  • Stop at the customer service counter before you shop and receive advance approval on the online printed coupons you plan to use. If the employee at the service counter does not approve your coupons, ask to speak with a manager.
  • When shopping at national grocery store chains, contact the corporate office and ask for a letter which outlines the corporate online printed coupon redemption policy. Bring the letter with you to show to cashiers and store managers.
  • When printing online coupons do not clip the coupon, take the entire sheet of paper. This will allow the store manager to see the name of Web site of where you got the coupons. Many times they are familiar with the company, but not the coupon.

Too Complicated?

Does all of this seem like too much hassle just save a few dollars on your grocery bill? With food prices going up, coupons are about the only way people can save and once you receive a corporate letter you can file it with your coupons and use it whenever you need it. You may also luck out and find the policy at your local store’s Web site.

Source : http://frugalliving.about.com/od/bargainshopping/a/Coupon_Guide.htm

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Printable Coupons – Saving Money with Coupons

In today’s recession stricken economy, saving money has become extremely important. It’s hard for us to ignore the fact that we all now have the tendency to cling to our hard-earned money. No matter how insignificant, we do not want to lose on any opportunity that can save us money. Whether it is shopping during sales or occasional discounts, we tend to look for every chance to save money. Whether you are aware of this or not, another efficient method in which we may make significant savings is through using coupons.

Coupons are simply discounts offered by businesses and manufacturers that allow shoppers to purchase goods and services at discounted rates. Manufacturer’s coupons allow you to purchase goods or services only offered by the manufacturer. There are also certain store coupons that need to be redeemed at specific retail stores only.

Coupons are known to feature various types of offers such as a certain percentage of discount, a merchandise or service completely free, cash back offers, and more. It must also be mentioned that coupons are literally available for anything starting from groceries to restaurant meals and clothes to jewelry.

However, in order to save with coupons, you need to know where to get them. So, where do you find coupons? Coupons are literally all around us, you simply need to know where to look. The best place to find coupons is newspapers and magazines, as most of the advertisements are often accompanied with discount coupons. Coupons are also available at the stores, along with email lists, store flyers, and on signing up for a newsletter. In addition, the websites of the stores are also assured to feature various deals. Lastly, there are several websites operating over the World Wide Web that have themselves specifically dedicated to discount coupons, particularly for everyday items such as groceries, supplies, and clothing.

In order to maximize savings with your coupons, you need to present them at the time of checkout. Don’t forget that you’ll need to take a cutout of the coupon if you are taking it from the newspaper or the magazine. As for coupons made available from the internet, you may either take a printout or simply jot down the coupon code and use it at the time of checkout. While some online coupon codes provide great savings, they are usually only applicable when used for online purchases. However, this can be considered a plus because online purchases are more convenient for most customers.

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